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Cornerstone Meal Plan

We want to provide our patients with an evidence based, nutritionally sound, “real world” approach that addresses the core issue of lifestyle modification which will result in meaningful, measurable long-term improvements in health and quality of life. So we selected for our patients Cornerstone Wellness MD weight management system. This system is by far the most affordable, best option for long term weight management on the market today.

Conerstone Utilizes
1.Partial meal replacement with delicious Nutritional shakes, METassist and OmegaHealth. The shakes are the best tasting on the market and the web support is personalized an easy to follow.
2.Bio impedance measurement (with a state of the art FDA approved device)
3.A personalized web based support system. C

At Second Look Aesthetics , we use the Cornerstone Wellness MD system both as a primary fat loss program and to transition patients after they have completed one of our other weight loss options.This may be combined with HCG weight loss program to ensure a healthy fat loss without compromising body's micronutrients.


569 County Line Road

Wayne PA 19087

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