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Meso Botox & Meso Fillers


Mesotherapy was introduced as a medical procedure by Pistor in 1958. It consists of intradermal injection of pharmacologic substances that have been diluted, with the aim of restoring healthy texture of the skin. Material used can include vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other agents. Mesotherapy promotes rejuvenation by increasing hydration and activating fibroblasts.Hyaluronic acid injected into the skin can cause fibroblasts to produce collagen type 1, matrix metalloprotease 1 and tissue inhibitor matrix metalloprotease 1. An additional study suggested dermal injection of vitamins causes stimulation of collagen production.

Mesobotox is a term coined for the application of botulinum toxin by stamping technique into the dermis of the skin. Often these toxins are more dilute than those traditionally used for treating areas such as the glabellar, and in some cases mesotherapy products such as hyaluronic acid, [Mesofillers] are added to the mixture. It is the injection not of specific muscles, but the treatment of large areas of dermis with dilute botulinum toxin.

We use the Mesobotox /Microbotox /Mesofiller technique on both the face, throat and chest.The treatment can, among other things, remedy:


        Minimizes the pores

       Smoothing fine lines

       Easy tightening

       Improves skin quality

Improve superficial acne scarring with micro-hyaluronic gel

This does NOT replace a normal botox or filler treatment! It will NOT get rid of deep lines in areas such as the forehead, glabella, nasolabial folds, or marionette lines. It can be combined with a botox or filler injections to enhance results. 

Results are seen within 3-7 days after treatment and typically last approximately 3-4 months. Procedure can be done as often as every 1-3 months, doing several treatments throughout the year will continue to improve overall appearance of skin.


During the procedure, the skin is cleansed and the chosen solution or serum is inserted into the delivery device. The tiny needles penetrate the skin, delivering the solution

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