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Double chin and cellulite treatment


Also known as “liquid lipo” this procedure refers to the process of injecting phosphotidylcholine/Deoxycholic acid into the mesodermal layers of the skin to either emulsify or reduce the volume of fat eg. in small pocket areas such as eyes, chin, underarms, love handles, and bra strap.


  Eliminates Double chin

       Eliminates  Cellulite

          Eliminates localized fat deposits


Mesotherapy is the only one medical treatment proven to reduce or eliminate cellulite. It can eliminate cellulite on the legs and buttocks, breaking down the orange-peel appearance of skin, and producing a smooth contour. The average patient eliminates all visible cellulite in 10-25 sessions. Some patients require additional treatments if their cellulite is particularly severe.

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Double chin treatment

Many customers are struggling with their double chin that can be difficult to get away despite training and diet. A double chin often has something to do with hormones or heredity. For many customers this is very frustrating and a double chin can make you look older, thicker and unhealthier.

 We use phosphotidylcholine/Deoxycholic acid injection into the fat beneath the chin, that degrades and destroys the cell membrane.


During 8-12 weeks, the treatment reduces the fat permanently and the double chin becomes smaller. Your double chin will be reduced without surgery.



The amount of fat that decomposes varies from patient to patient, and therefore the individual may need more than one treatment. We generally recommend 2-4 treatments for a perfect result. Maximum 6 treatments should be administered with at least 4 weeks between.



Prior to treatment, the area is cooled down with ice bags that work pain relief and reduce the risk of bruising. After that, the injection sites are located with a template placed on the site. The number of injections varies from person to person   and also on the area under consideration.

The treatment itself is associated with pain which decreases again approx. 5-10 minutes after treatment. It is normal and expected to swell a lot in the treated area after the treatment. The swelling will gradually decrease during the weeks after.

It is also expected with bruises in the treated area. The skin will be numb and there may be tenderness and light hardness in the area for several weeks after treatment.


Say Goodbye to Cellulite; Hello to Great Legs and Buttocks!

More than 90% of women are affected by cellulite, this condition doesn't make you "different." But doing something about it does! the physical and emotional toll that cellulite has on women, including:


  • Lower self-esteem

  • Fear of ridicule and embarrassment

  • Effects on romantic relationships and libido

  • Avoidance or decreased enjoyment of certain activities

  • Stress from continual efforts to cover up cellulite

  • Time and money wasted on so-called "cures"


Mesotherapy is a procedure used for weight loss and body sculpting to reduce, eliminate and contour specific undesired fat pockets.

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