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Botox and Dysport          


We specialize in Facial Aesthetics. All treatment are preformed by our doctors who are trained and certified in aesthetics.We strive for patient excellence and take pride in the fact that all our consultations and procedures are performed by physicians alone. 


If Crow feet, fore head lines, worry line, smoker wrinkles  are bothering you , our physicians can help you.

Loss of skin elasticity occurs naturally with aging as the result of reduced collagen and blood flow to the skin layers. Increased constriction of muscles can cause creases and wrinkles. Dynamtic rhytids can be treated by relaxing muscles that are competing against an inferior muscle. Botox and Dysport are two forms of botulinum toxin. They are considered as gold standard for facial rejuvenation addressing the common age-related problem of wrinkles like:
1.Crow’s feet
2.Frown lines
3.Gummy smiles
4.Smoker's lines
The drug is injected in tiny amounts to relax muscles chemically by blocking a substance (acetylcholine) necessary for muscle contraction. The procedure is often called lunch time procedure and there is no downtown associated with it. 


When deciding on Botox / Dysport injections , make sure


1.The Botox / Dysport injection you are getting is legally obtained from Allergan or Galderma. Some people unfortunately are getting botox from other sources which may lack the purity and safety of botox obtained from the sole manufacturer in the USA which is Allergan and Galderma for Dysport.


2.Be weary of low pricing. It is possible that the person injecting botox may not be qualified to be injecting, the botox may be over diluted (adding too much salt water) weakening the botox and causing it to not have the same efficacy, the botox may be expired beyond its shelf life or many other reasons which may compromise safety and quality.




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