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About Us


At Second Look Aesthetics, we are passionate about  your wellness, health and aesthetics.The staff at second look aesthetics works very hard to provide a new outlook to life.


We specialize in:

  • Medical weight loss treatment [including HCG diet ]

  • Hair loss prevention and treatment

  • Platelet rich plasma therapy [latest organic way of healing]

  • Facial aesthetics and Bio identical hormone replacement


We believe every individual is unique. We take time educating out patients regarding treatments they receive in our office. All patients are seen by the physician and all procedures are performed by Dr.Thapliyal or another physician.






Our Philosophy

We at Second Look Aesthetics believe that healthy mind resides in healthy body and when it comes to aesthetics, mind and body are inseparable. All of us have a great and largely untapped capacity to improve our own health and well being. However it is being overshadowed by various physical and environmental stressors in life leading to mental stress, weight gain, metabolic syndrome, hair loss and hormonal imbalance which in turn reflects on our body image and aesthetics.We offer services to address both your well being as well as body image by combining modern science with latest all Natural remedies, wise traditions and human connection to create a healthier,happier and a beautiful you.

569 County Line Road

Wayne PA 19087

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